Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Is photography / video allowed in class, competitions and performances?      A:  This is a long answer - sorry.

Generally speaking, you should not be taking photos or video in class without express permission.  Some dancers simply don't want photos of them looking all sweaty being found on facebook.  So please always ask first.


Photos of performances / school functions may be used for publicity by us. This includes being posted on the school website and on facebook (closed school fb group or open fb page).  If you don't want your dancer included or if you want a particular photo removed, just let us know and we will try to accomodate you.  If a photo is being used for an advertising campaign, and you still want it removed, costs of replacing those materials will be invoiced to you.


As for video:  It is not permitted to post video of our dancers and their choreography on public websites such as youtube. You may post it in the closed parents /dancers group.


Photography at COMPETITIONS is a whole new ballgame, so we will advise you as necessary.  Suffice to say, worldwide there is a ban on video and photography of dancers in motion (basically any time they are on stage dancing).  So basically, stick to pretty photos with awards and in gardens, and you should be safe.


Q: Do we have to be Irish or have previous Irish dance experience to join?                                                                            

A:  Absolutely not!  We embrace diverstity and welcome dancers from any and all backgrounds.  Irish dance is fun and a great activity for anyone.  Previous dance experience is not required, as all dancers will be taught the basics and move on from there.


Q:  How will I know if my dancer is ready to perform/compete?

A:  Don't worry, we will let you know.  No dancer is forced to do either, so its really when they are ready.  Girls are very inspired by sparkly dresses and tiaras though.  Boys want the trophies and medals.


Q:  Do I  just drop my dancer off, or can I watch? 

A: Family members are always welcome.  Parents do not have to remain on the premises, but you are solely responisble for any children and/or siblings while they are not in the classroom under our instruction.  If spectators become too noisy or are interrupting the class they may be asked to leave.


Q:  NT Government Sport Vouchers are now expanded to use for dance.  Can we use them with you?

A:  YES!  We have been approved with the Department of Sport & Recreation as an NT organisation for the purposes of the Sport Voucher.  This means that we have been able to accept the Sport Voucher from July 2014 onwards.  There are strict usage conditions set by the Government.  These vouchers are the new ones of $200 per school aged child.  Released as two $100 vouchers in July and January.  

They can be used towards Registration or towards unform equipment purcahsed through the school.

Q: What ages do you have in the school?  How young is too young for lessons?

A:  Our current age range is 2yrs to somewhere in their forties. Younger students need to be able to focus for at least a half hour. If they are overly distracting to the other dancers, we may ask their parents to wait and try again later. We try to keep it as fun as possible for all our dancers! But while it may seem fun to them, they are also learning basic technique, beginning to learn what it means to focus, and to follow directions. It takes some longer than others - but that doesn't matter. They are never made to feel that they are in a race.


Q:  Do you have boys and girls?

A:  Yes we do. We are blessed to have a male senior dancer.  We have several boys who dance with us, and we are always happy to have more.  Its always amazing that in professional dance shows there are so many men, yet dance class often has few males in it, so those that do persevere often do exceptionally well.  


Q:  What should we wear to class?

A:   We ask that dancers wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely. Shorts and a t-shirt are ideal. A studio uniform t-shirt is supplied on Registration, and this should be worn to class and to/from all performances.  Revealing or offensive clothing is inappropriate.  Initially dancers can (and usually do) dance in barefeet.  Once they want to do performances or grade exams they will need dance shoes and socks. 


Q:  My daughter wants to compete. Does she need an expensive dress?

A:  Absolutely not.  For all our beginners (up to 15 yrs) they have the same competition uniform WORLDWIDE.  Beyond that, a team dress is required, which is available for hire/loan through us.  Once in Intermediate level (when you are really committed), you will then need to start looking for an appropriate solo dress.


Q: What about performances, where do those costumes come from?

A:  We have quite a lot of costumes from many years of performing.  We happily lend them to our dancers for performances.  Mostly, dancers don't get 'their own' till they reach upper levels of competition.   However if you really really want to buy a dress we can send you to some reputable websites.  

Boys will need black dress trousers, and girls will need black netball knickers and cami singlet for performances as well as their dance shoes and socks.


Q: What about wigs?  I see them all the time, do we need one?

A:  Short answer - no.  We are pretty good at teaching you how to braid if you want to.  However years of experience has led us in the direction of wigs.  Quite simply, once you have spent a night trying to curl your daughters hair, and then having it all 'drop' in the humidity, you are usually heading for buying a wig asap.  


Please seek our advice before buying anything though. We prefer a particular style of bun wigs - especially for younger dancers (which they can also use in competition), but you may use a full wig for performances if you wish.  There is also a new style of full wig that we would like to see our senior dancers purchase when they replace their current wigs.  Both of these styles are being slowly integrated into the school.





"My children thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Keltikka family.  Learning to dance in a nurturing environment, whilst having fun and making lasting friendships, and keeping fit at the same time."  

Erika, mum to Nina and Sacha (2013).


"I have been dancing for eight years, seven of these is with Keltikka.  It is fun being able to perform at events around Darwin and compete too."

Zoe, aged 13 (2013).


"I'd like to say that you are all a blessing.  Keltikka gave us the family we didn't have.  Made us feel at home and loved.  Every dancer has their own strengths, and Lee you know how to bring it out in them, and bring tears to our eyes when they dance across the floor.  Akiko would like to add - Dancing is Hope and Hope is Love, and you make my heart Dance."  Nikita , mum of Akiko (2013).


"The other thing about the classes is the steps are broken down for the kids to remember. For the boys it has been great to see when they have been overwhelmed/frustrated or upset with not being able to get the steps, Fletcher has been able to redirect them or change things around to help them refocus. I have seen all the boys wanting to put the most into learning because it is fun, they like the other kids there and they want to do their best for Fletcher."

Leanne, mum of Scott, Ethan and Jakub (2013)


"I've only been dancing for one year, and at the age of 22, I'm glad I chose Keltikka.  Not only am I fitter and healthier than I have ever been,  Keltikka has become a family to me.  It's a wonderful, friendly, loving atmosphere that makes dancing so much more enjoyable.  I love the fitness side, I love the social aspect and I love the opportunities that are open to me thanks to the wonderful teachers at Keltikka."  

Caitlin, adult beginner dancer (2013).