Dancer enrolments are generally taken on in Annual  Registration Day in January.However if space is available, dancers may start at any time during the year.


(Please bear in mind that due to capped class sizes, many of our classes fill quickly)  

  • Step1: Determine which class or classes you wish to enrol in.  Each class has a cost determined by the length of the class.  

  • Step 2: Come see us, have an interview to assess which class suits your needs the best.

  • Step 3:Fill in the Registration / Enrolment Form, which will be emailed to you.

  • Step 4:Pay the required Registration / Administration fee.  

(Invoicing for your term fees will be done once your enrolment has been processed.)

  • Step 5: Enjoy your new dancing classes at our studio

Things to note:

  • ​ There are no refunds if you do not attend or if you leave. (Medical Certificates Required)  

  • We will often roll fees over till the following term if Medical Certificate is supplied. However  This is on a case by case basis.

  • If you intend on leaving a class, you MUST notify this in writing by WEEK SIX (6) of the previous term. 

(Failure to notify by due date will incur term fees being invoiced for the following term.)