​Tater Tots 2-5 years

Tater Tots primary aim is to encourage the joys of dance and music in toddlers and preschoolers.  Our focus is to nurture each childs individual dance interpretation, promoting strong self esteem.  Providing quality dance sessions for 2-5 year olds, the Tater Tots dance programme has been carefully created to bring out the best from your dancer .

Its all about creativity, developing rhythm, making new friends and of course, HAVING FUN !  This class will be limited to only ten children at a time to allow each child to develop their potential inner dancers with maximum attention.  The class is an hour long on a Sunday afternoon, so it doesn't get too tiring for them.  Games and fun is 'the key' to learning with this age group.  It is a stress-free introduction to the world of Irish Dance, and is sure to capture the hearts of children in Darwin. 

Why Dance ?

Dance itself is as old as time.  Virtually every culture has dance somewhere in its history.  It is expressive and generally does not require huge amounts of equipment or special stadiums to perform in.  So it is probably safe to say that dance has stood the test of time.  Not only is it good fun - its good for you !


Physical Development Benefits : Dancing is a great way for your dancer to exercise and burn off some of that abundant energy. At the same time, he or she will also be developing large muscle skills, improving coordination, improving gross motor skills, developing eye-hand coordination. We encourage this development by teaching your dancer specific dance moves. Skipping, hopping, jumping, balancing on one leg or simply bouncing to the music, all help develop important movement skills and major muscle groups.

Cognitive Development: Dancing also promotes cognitive development through movement. When presented with an abstract movement idea, your dancer must think through the motion in order to create a movement response. This type of kinesthetic learning -- or learning through physical activity -- enhances cognitive learning skills and may enhance his or her ability to solve abstract problems in the classroom some day.


The choice to dance recreationally or competitively is entirely up to you. No dancer is forced to compete if they don't wish to - well not by us, but their parents might have different ideas..  Many of our competitive dancers started out as recreational dancers.  Whichever you choose, our programme will be tailored to the dancers individual needs.  Age groups for competition range from Under 7 to Over 50 .. so obviously you are never too old....


Oh, and we don' t make parents leave the class.  You can stay and watch your dancer - and there is a toyroom for younger siblings as well as a safe and secure playground outside.



Recreational Classes

Our Recreational Programme is ideal for students who just want to have fun, learn different dance styles and steps, who want to get fit and make new friends in a family friendly environment. The focus of these classes is on the development of co-ordination and rhythm, with a lesser (but still important) focus on good technique. Dancers who dance for recreation are still able to participate in performances although their repertoire is probably more limited, unless they also make it into the Performance Troupe via audition.  . Generally speaking, this class is always in softshoes.

Competitive Classes

Our Competitive Programme is designed for the students who would like to dance more intensively. There is no pre-requisite to wanting to join this programme. The focus of this programme is to develop a strong technical base as well as a pleasing performance quality. This is achieved through intensive conditioning, practice, stretch and strength training in a nurturing and supportive family oriented environment. There are numerous performance opportunities throughout the year as well as the feisanna (competitions) themselves, both within Australia and overseas. Dancers in this programme should be self-motivated and passionate about dance. They will need to be able to practice independently at home as well.  Their whole family needs to support them in their goals.  Obviously htere are more conditions placed upon a Comnpetitive dancer than a recrational dancer due to rules nad regulations that we must follow.


The Performance & Fitness class is largely made up of competitive dancers, but also caters to recreational dancers.. that is why it is listed twice.


PLEASE NOTE:  We encourage ALL our competitive dancers to actually go to feis.  In the past we have found that if a dancer is only going to get to one feis a year, there is a great deal of pressure attached to it.  Dancers are not blind to the fact that competing can cost a lot of money (to go away) and therefore they feel that they MUST win or do well in order to please their parents.   Also, a dancer who does not have something to aim for has very little motivation in class to perfect or learn steps, and can become not only a distraction to others, but can actually end up sabotaging the other dancers efforts.

Dancers should be attending at least two feis per year, although we know that personal circumstances might not make that doable.  This number is not randomly plucked from thin air, it is the least amount possible to ensure that no undue pressure is placed on the dancer by either themselves OR their parents.  Pressuring a dancer to compete or to win is in complete contradiction to how we feel - JUST DO YOUR BEST!  If you do best, you can't do any thing more than that.